This is the page of My rules for My owned, when you read this page lovely that means I have taken interest in you. 

My Rules

  1. Real Life Comes First! I Do Expect Notifications If You Go AFK & Poof All Of A Sudden,
  2. No Back Sassing Me, Family Or Mods. You Are Being Shown Off By Me When You Are With Me.
  3. Respect My Other Mods In My Rooms. You Will Of Course Be A Mod When You Accept A Trial/Be Collared.
  4. Don't Be Rude To My Friends Or Family. If They Are Rude To You Then Save The Log & Show Me.
  5. Room Location Is To Be Showing At All Times. I Will Follow You From Time To Time. No Warning, I Will Just Come In. When I Feel Like It.
  6. You Must Ask To Go Into Rooms That Are Not Mine, Yours Or That I Am In. When You Are Invited To A Room You May Accept Then You Must Ask Me If It Is Ok That You Stay There. If I Say No Then Leave. If I say Invite Me Then You Must.
  7. I Do Expect Messages Everyday, Or If You Cannot Be With Me At That Moment.
  8. If You Plan A Break From IMVU Let Me Know.
  9. Do NOT Treat Others Poorly.
  10. Behave Yourself When I Am Not Around. You Are Representing Me When You Talk To Others. Prove Me Proud.
  11. No Sex With Anyone Else. Only One To Touch You Is Me.
  12. Make Sure That I Know You Have Your Needs Met & You Are Happy Too. We Both Are To Be Happy My Lovely.

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